Human life is embodied in Nature

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The Greenman Movement is an evolving grassroots movement of people who want to build on the things that make us human in a wiser way. Always observing the interconnectedness of life and interacting in nature brings balance to our human natures as we improve our surroundings.

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Wisdom Traditions and niche areas of Western science are discovering there's no real separation between Gaia's body and our own. Caring for Gaia's skin (top soil) is analogous to caring for our own bodies, both of which we truly rely on.

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"Wow, the backyard is looking like a dream! ...
Thank you so much for transforming our not-so-useful backyard into this productive land that keeps me grounded and happy. "

- Natasha Minken


"We had a blast with Backyard Groceries this year building our school garden! They provided excellent support in starting and maintaining the garden. Through different hands on activities, students learned lots about planting and the environment that we can never do within the four walls of our classroom."
- Iris M

"I feel very privileged this year to have organic fruit, vegetables and herbs growing in my own backyard. Thank you Bryan for planting and taking care of my garden."
- Josie

“Thank you for Bryan for this absolutely amazing massage I received. I felt my tensions disappear and my breathing become more fluid. The massage I received was progressive in order to be able to really work in depth on the ailments that I had been dragging around since I had my baby. I notice today that I stand straighter than before. At the end of the massage my sleep was more restorative. I recommend it to you with your eyes closed. He practices with devotion and intention most certainly the best massages I have received in my life. Too bad Bryan is so far away! "
- Anne Sophie

'Sore Loser has changed my life. It works better than pharmaceuticals to heal my cold sores. It has actually prevented an outbreak!'

"I highly recommend Bryan’s Thai massage. They were amazing. He was able to relax and get into parts of my body that have been clenched for years. The tremendous relief my body experienced was a miracle. The second massage was focused on my feet and legs. Wow. Invigorating and deep. He is dedicated, strong yet gentle, caring about me and my condition. I highly recommend Bryan’s massage and presence."
- Judith, Being Multidimensional Course

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A choice is quickly becoming apparent now as we are living at a time where we must choose if we will revisit humanity's beginnings, working and living alongside Nature, or further detach and ultimately choose suffering.

TGM is about transforming our lives, connecting through the heart, and not dominating life with the separated - mind's oppression. The Greenman itself is an archetype and face to a movement who's time has come again.

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